About Us

I want to get my creations in the hands of gamers everywhere!

My love for leatherwork has turned into close to 20 years of cutting, dying, and designing a long line of different gear. Mostly concentrating on wearables, I make collars, wristbands, and bracers based mostly on my whims and made however I decided.

I'd set up at Music Festivals, markets,and expos and sell my stock as well as do custom work on the spot!

Recently my love for Dnd inspired me to make dice trays and pouches. The pouches are painstakingly handstitched, with 2-3 hours put into each pouch. I try to make them but they take a lot of time and I don't want to charge too much, so I started making dice trays. Making my first trays strictly with hand tools on the balcony of a small apartment in downtown Edmotnon, Alberta gave me the drive to perfect my process and try to get my creations in the hands of gamers everywhere!

Once I moved to a house with a garage I started accumulating tools to make the process smoother and the end products better. I still do it all by hand, I just use power tools now! :)

Once I had the space I decided to start curating a collection of the best dice I could find to offer alongside my handmade wares!

So here we are! I make 'em and you buy 'em! Feel free to contact me about custom work and thank you for stopping by!