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Sigil of Baphomet Handmade Oak and Leather Dice Tray

Sigil of Baphomet Handmade Oak and Leather Dice Tray

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Keep those dice in line! Whether you're playing Dungeons and Dragons (Dnd D&D), Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Star Wars, or one of many other great RPG's these handmade trays will keep your dice from trying to escape! Thanks to the popularity of great shows such as Critical Role, TTRPG's have been surging in popularity and there has never been a better time to gather a party and start adventuring! Trays also make a great gift and feel free to contact me with questions or to inquire about custom orders! This beautiful handmade dice tray will lovingly cradle your dice for smooth rolling action for years to come!

Material - Oak with a Diamond Hard Semi Gloss Finish
Bottom - Black Leather with Red Sigil of Baphomet!
Tray Size - 9" by 7" by 1.5"

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