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Teal Blue/Green Prismatic Orb 7pc Dice Set

Teal Blue/Green Prismatic Orb 7pc Dice Set

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"The Orb is not of itself evil. Evil is a thing that lies only in the hearts and minds of men--and of Gods, also. --Aldur" — David Eddings (Belgarath the Sorcerer)

This Teal Blue/Green Transparent 7pc RPG Dice Set will mesmerize you with the sounds of the sea, waves crashing, the ebb and flow... The cool refreshing water, the limitless depths, don't worry about air, you are one with the ocean now..

Standard 7pc Dice sets include:
1 D4,1 D6, 1 D8, 2 D10, 1 D12, and 1 D20.

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